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Really secure site and rental!

"Once the rental is confirmed, Roomlala are there to listen to the landlord and tenant alike. This allows for a kind of security and makes you feel supported right up to the end of the rental contract
I would definitely reccommend it!"


Very reliable site.

"The service provided is reliable and the insurance is an excellent bonus."


A serious website that sticks to it's word.

"I occasionally rent a room in my home- the prices, photos, calendar and availability are extremely clear. Simple yet serious- great for everybody."

They talk about us

"Rent out part of your home to increase your monthly income"

"Renting a room out to a student really pays off!"

"We stayed with Madam Fort who rents her room through the delightfully named Roomlala."

"Roomlala, a platform that allows you to rent out a room in your home."


Owner of a villa with an independent bedroom for rent in Paris

"I signed up to Roomlala to meet people, from all countries, from all walks of life, and to have a sort of exchange with them. The day-to-day advantage is that there's always someone in the house. It's important for us and the children, I like it when the house is lively! We hosted Daniel who came from New Zealand and who made a real impression on us. He stayed for several months and he even celebrated Christmas with us. The children were very close to him, so they've kept in touch."

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