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Roomlala | Carolin

Patricia is a friendly host and is available most of the time. Nonetheless you should be aware that living here is not like living at home. She has a few rules that limit your time in the kitchen and your time to wash laundry or take a shower. To be honest the kitchen times were pretty inconvenient for me, since I was not up before 9 and was only allowed to use the kitchen from 7-9 in the morning. Other than that, the condition of the room and the bathroom was okay but not great (curtains broken, floor broken, doorknob not there etc.). Also I think it's uncomely that we did not have toiletpaper for about 3 days, since I think you could expect that for the price.


Carolin (Germany)

R3269437 | 16/09/2018 - 13/10/2018 | Room for rent in shared house

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Room For Rent In Shared House

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