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Turn your spare room into spare income

If your kids have left home, your guest room isn't used as much as it used to be or you've got an empty room gathering dust and spare furniture, why not turn your unused space into some extra cash? Open up your extra room to a tenant and let a breath of fresh air into your home, all while supplementing your income. And it's easy - a quick spring clean and some new sheets will make a lovely welcome for your new tenant! To get started, let Roomlala help you and post an ad for free now.

Refill the family home

Three years ago your house was a chaotic mess of homework, football boots and people running about. It's a bit quieter now - the kids have moved out, your partner is still busy at work, and the house feels a little bit empty. Open up Harry and Lucy's bedrooms - we guarantee a few students would be happy to bring a bit of life (and mess) back into your home!
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Meet new people

Routine: noun. A regular, fixed way of doing things. Breakfast, work, dinner, TV... Life is good, but slightly predictable. Why not shake things up a bit? Rent out you room on Roomlala and welcome one, two, three... people into your home on whatever basis you'd like. Find someone new to chat with over breakfast or share a beer with - it could be a student, a nurse, a pair of Spanish tourists... Take a chance and you might make a new friend or two for life.
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Learn a new language

Vouz voulez parler français? But how, when, and how much? With an active life, kids, commitments and everything else, it's hard to find the time to pick up your high school German or holiday Spanish. Roomlala offers you an easier way - offer your spare room to a native speaker in exchange for language lessons or lower rent. You'll find your progress speeds up and your conversational skills will be sky high! And instead of shelling out for expensive lessons, you'll find yourself with additional income too!
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Combat the crisis

In the current economic climate, everyone is a bit more careful about spending - uncertainties about the future, price increases, worries about your kids... Every expenditure can be a source of stress. With all the doom and gloom on the news and in the papers every day, it's hard to feel confident. Roomlala offers an alternative solution which will give you a more positive outlook for the future. Your home can become a source of income, a buffer against the crisis. So why not open up your home to protect you and your family from whatever the world throws at you!
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Treat yourself

A handbag, a new smartphone, a tablet, dinner at a fancy restaurant, a swanky watch... Everyone has their weaknesses. We feel guilty when we give in to temptation - it just looked so good in the window! These spontaneous splurges are normally a one-off, and you might not have saved for it. But why should we deny ourselves a treat now and then? Roomlala provides a great way to finance life's little extras. Put your room up for rent and splurge as much as you like...

Finance your DIY

Home, sweet home... We live in it, we clean it, we look after it, we pay the bills... But when the time comes for some renovation work, we often back out, no matter how necessary or urgent it may be. We often lack the money to pay for the quotes, the material and the labour. Renovation work won't be stressful anymore! Create your own rainy day fund or pay back these expenses by renting out one of your rooms.. Make your DIY and renovations into an opportunity for change, rather than another cause for stress!

Pay the bills for your second home

Like many people, you may have a second home and, like many people, that entails costs - council tax, heating, plumbing, roofing, general maintenance, electricity... These costs are all the more annoying when you are only there a few weeks a year. The rest of the time, the house is costing money instead of bringing it in! Opening up a room in your main house or renting out your second property from time to time can offset these costs and start making it profitable instead of a drain on your finances.
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Pay your bills

Council tax, electricity and gas bills, an emergency boiler fix... When you live in a property, you normally expect the standard costs, but a sudden increase or expenditure is harder to cover. Sometimes, all these costs add up and it's not clear how to pay everything off. Roomlala will help support your rainy day fund so that you can anticipate or pay off these sudden costs without dipping into your savings or tightening your purse strings. Opening up your spare room for rent for a year, a month or an odd weekend and you'll never be stressed by bills through the door again!
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Save for your next holiday

A spa weekend, a week in Rome, a boat cruise in Egypt, ten days in New York... Just some of the dream holidays you've been thinking of for this year. And yet, once all the bills are paid at the end of the month there's never much left to set aside for a holiday. Roomlala is here to help - rent out a spare room or your whole place when it suits you, at rates that suit you... Soon, all your holiday dreams will become reality.
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Change your work-life balance

Commute, work, sleep... Repeat 5 days a week, sometimes at weekends. The days pass, and while life is good enough you are very much aware that life is passing you by: you don't have enough time for your projects, especially ones you've dreamed of for a long time. It's time to shake things up - Roomlala will allow you to reduce your workload while still earning the same amount. You decide everything: dates, prices, tenants... All that's left to do is to choose which project to start first!
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Help each other out

In the past 10 years, rent has increased on average 30% in the UK, and the rent situation doesn't seem to be getting better any time soon. On top of this, the economic crisis and job uncertainty has made it harder for people to move to larger cities as many are simply priced out. So, why not help someone out? The situation is worrying for everyone, but it's even more difficult for those commuting or trying to move into large cities for work or study. By renting out your room, you will boost your own income and help someone else to find a decent place to stay for a reasonable price!